Create-a-Caption: Michael Phelps pulls his best MJ impression

Michael Jordan made tongue wagging cool. If you saw MJ out on the court wagging his tongue you knew that his opponent had no shot to win. It looks from this picture like Michael Phelps might be trying to bring the tongue wag back in style. I guess since he won't be able to do it under water, he's going to start mixing it in before races.

I think it's a good sign that Phelps is loose enough in the pool to stick his tongue out at somebody. But if he wants to be more like MJ, he needs more style, because right now he looks like this guy.

As usual, put your best caption ideas down below ...

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Everybody's a suspect in China

1st-- kanedakbn

"Policemen laugh before being informed they were looking at their new undercover garments."

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