Create-a-Caption: Gangsta monkey

While Tanith Belbin and Benjamin Agosto smile their hardest, a plush monkey rocks his cap. He might not have helped the pair win a medal, but he's valuable backup for the inevitable turf war between figure skaters and ice dancers. Best caption wins some bananas.

Previously, "A Mountie and a Yankee walk into a hockey game ... "

Gold, Phil Wood: "Snidely Wipelash's new disguise did not fool Dudley Do-right."

Silver, The KBBL Party Penguin: "A Zombified Apollo Creed returns in 'Rocky VII: We Miss the Commies as Enemies.'"

Bronze, Kim W: " 'This is for sending us Celine Dion.'

" 'Oh, Yeah! This is for sending us the Jonas B[r]others.' "

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