Crazy picture shows just how icy the the downhill course is right now

Kevin Kaduk
Fourth-Place Medal

Sochi's downhill course was a treacherous place fon Saturday: 10 of the 55 male skiers failed to complete their training runs and 19 said "thanks, but no thanks" to the opportunity for one final practice.  American skier Marco Sullivan experienced a particularly nasty wipeout. 

How icy was the course? Well, check out this picture taken by American coach T.J. Lanning and sent out on Instagram by Norwegian skier Kjetil Jansrud. 

Seriously, there are NHL arenas that are jealous of that sheet's quality. Combine that ice with the 75+ MPH speeds the skiers can reach and, well, it might be appropriate to say a prayer for each skier before his run when the actual race is held on Sunday.  

Here's the on-the-mountain report from Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports:

Ice setting in on the course for Sunday's downhill event could be an ominous development for everyone – potentially foreshadowing a crash-marred opener for Alpine.

"The whole middle [of the course] you can see the glare ice reflection," Miller said "But I just said, '[expletive] bring it.' It's a pleasure for me to ski on this track. I would be angry with myself if I had wasted this opportunity to properly run on this track."

Miller posted the fastest training time for the second time in three days in his quest for the gold medal. But all it's going to take is one slick patch on Sunday to end MIller's day.

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