Corny jokes Matt and Katy Emmons will hear this summer

Matt Emmons shoots for the National Rifle Team. In 2004, he captured a gold medal in the men's prone event. His wife Katy captured a bronze medal at the '04 games for her native Czech Republic. In a little over a week, the two will be representing opposite ends of the world while presumably upholding their marriage.

After meeting at the Athens games, they married in June 2007. Now they're recipients of horribly lame jokes from media, Olympics officials and the hotel bellboys trying to start conversation.*

"I guess you could call it a shotgun wedding, no?"

"Matt, you truly brought home the gold at Athens!"

"Katy only captured the bronze; some husband you are!"

"So who pulled the trigger first?"

"Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see her?"

"You two are number one with a bullet!"

"Did you have to put a gun to her head to make her say 'I do', Matt?"

If Matt and Katy seem grumpy during the Olympics, now you know why.

* At least that's how I envision it.

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