The Chinese are doing their best to learn English

I've got to give the Chinese people a lot of credit. They knew the Olympics were coming and a lot of them have been trying hard to pick up the English language.

What you've just watched is a trailer for an upcoming movie called "Mad About English" in which a film crew documents how the county has tried to pick up the foreign language.

If the movie is anything like the trailer, I'm sure there will be some lighter moments. I especially liked the Chinese Tony Roberts trying to motivate a huge crowd of people by saying, "I can't stand ... my poor English!"

My hope is that the movie focuses on more than just the "lost in translation" moments. I have always been impresses by people who try to learn something new every day.

In this case, I hope all the people the production team ends up featuring were able to pick up the language in the end.

h/t: Herald Sun

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