China gets in the head of South Korean speedskaters

Before their race has even begun, South Korea and China's rivalry in speedskating turned ugly – thrown water bottles and all.

During a practice session for the South Korean short-track speedskating women, a member of the Chinese delegation sat in the stands, taping the South Koreans. The South Korean coach, Guang-Bok Choi, was upset.

"Stop it. Don't do that," Choi yelled before hurling a couple of bottles, which hit seats below the Chinese cameraman.

That's right. Choi threw water bottles. It's perfectly legal for the Chinese to tape the practices, no matter what the South Korean protests.

The Chinese/South Korean rivalry in speedskating is intense. In Turin, China's speedskating star Meng Wang was the only person who stood between South Korea and a gold-medal speedskating sweep.

Considering how much video the Chinese could have collected on the South Korean skaters at the World Championships or in various competitions throughout the past year, they probably didn't need what was collected at Sunday's practice. It's clear that the Chinese had one aim in mind: to get in the head of the South Korean team.

Judging by Choi's reaction, it worked.

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