China bans spiritual websites, condom basketball ads OK though

Condom advertisements are almost always either cheesy, awkward or awkwardly cheesy. Elasun, a Chinese prophylactic company, has managed to flip that script with their Olympic-themed print ads featuring their product in various forms of sporting use.

I'm not sure how the dunking man plans on getting his ball out of the condom basket. I think that's the problem James Naismith ran into when his original goals were made of peach baskets. Eventually he cut the bottom out of them, which I don't recommend for Elasun's product, lest you end up like Shawn Kemp.

More ads after the jump.

The "Just Make It" tagline doesn't make much sense to me since "Just Do It" works on a number of levels here. As the rubber Swoosh shows, Elasun isn't worried about trademark infringement, so you'd have thought the famous Nike tagline would have been a natural.

The rest of the ads are pretty good too and worth a look.

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