Check out speedskating as 'Mario Kart,' a match made in virtual heaven (Video)

Short-track speedskating is one of the most action-packed sports of the Winter Olympics. It is a fast-paced, crash-heavy race in which an athlete's fortunes can change in a split-second, taking skill, focus, a bit of luck and maybe also a bit of craziness.

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But like most things in life, it'd probably be even cooler if it had more in common with the classic video game "Mario Kart." Thankfully, we no longer have to imagine the scenario. Michael Shanks, a filmmaker from Australia, put it together for everyone's enjoyment.

Yes, all your "Mario Kart" favorites are here: item boxes, the turtle shell, the lightning bolt that turns everyone else really small and slow, the jerk who throws bananas everywhere without any skill or precision, the blue shell that ruins everything, etc. Why, it's almost as if we're all back in our dorm rooms, skipping classes to play just one more and wasting unreasonable sums of tuition money in the process.

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Really, the only thing missing here is one of the losers getting way too upset, throwing his controller skates in anger, and yelling that he's never going to play with these guys again, because they cheat, and it's not fair, and they always use his microwave without asking anyway.

Not that I'm speaking from experience or anything.

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