Dutch field hockey team wins gold medal, we celebrate (PHOTO GALLERY)

Chris Chase
Fourth-Place Medal

Ellen. Sophie. Kitty. Maartje. Lidewij. The names of our girls of summer roll off the tongue and will be celebrated for ages to come.

The Dutch field hockey team, long an object of Fourth-Place Medal's affection, won its second straight gold medal on Friday, defeating Argentina 2-0 in the gold-medal game at Riverbank Arena. To honor a team that could be -- nay, IS -- one of the greatest in Olympic history, we put together a photo gallery of the players celebrating their exploits.

Our tour through the Netherlands' victory party starts with its initial celebrations with two seconds left on the clock. It's good to know it's fine with premature excitement.

Note the swing dance move on the left side of the group.

Why didn't we include pictures of the match? This graphic should give you an idea. The pace of play in this game made soccer look like handball.

Ellen Hoog was not doing the Karate Kid crane kick, but may have been doing the Monster Mash. It's hard to tell.

They step on the podium to receive their medals:

Some bite the gold medal. Some kiss the gold medal. The Dutch field hockey team apparently sniffs the gold medal.

A sing-along to the Dutch national anthem, "Het Wilhelmus."

Until Rio, my orange-clad friends. Until Rio.

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