Carl Lewis is not bashful about his singing skills

In January 1993, nine-time gold medal winner Carl Lewis took to the court and sang the Star Spangled Banner prior to a Bulls-Nets NBA game. Safe to say his awkward rendition of USA's national anthem is one of the most memorable in sports history.

Thanks to the modern marvel we call Youtube, Lewis' version has been downloaded more than 325,000 times -- and is still quite funny.

CNBC's Darren Rovell met with Lewis in Beijing and asked him if he'd be willing to belt out his country's vocals again.

(Rovell): Will you ever sing the National Anthem again?

Carl: I don't know. It may happen again one day. Trust me, there's a lot of things in life I said I'd never do and somehow people convince me to do it.

(Rovell): But don't you think you have to sing it again to prove you can, you know, start on the right key?

Carl: People know me know my past, what I stood for, what I did for the sport. As far as the Anthem goes, people know where to find me. They know how to get me to do it again. (Lewis rubs his fingers together as if to say it would take money.)

Rovell suggested "Carl Lewis Anthem Night" for a minor league baseball team, which is an outstanding idea. Lewis would also be an ideal fit to kick off a World Wrestling Entertainment pay per view event. Lewis at WrestleMania XXV equals increased buyrates!

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