Carl Lewis is looking dapper (PHOTO)

Chris Chase

Now would usually be the time on Fourth-Place Medal where we'd run a small Carl Lewis item (in this case, him wearing a plaid chapeau while commentating with Ian Thorpe on the BBC) in order to use it as a thinly veiled excuse to link to his unintentionally hilarious personal website. Then we went to, saw that the old site was taken down and a new one is under construction and subsequently wept like we'd just missed the women's all-around final.

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Thankfully, the magic of YouTube allows us to still revel in the majesty that is Carl Lewis' music video for "Break It Up."

If you're intrigued by what you've seen here, go search for "Carl Lewis acting reel." It's a seven-minute clip of various roles Carl Lewis has played strike more gold than Carl did at the '84 Olympics.

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