Canadian bobsledder Christopher Spring has a wardrobe malfunction

It’s a good thing Canadian bobsledder Christopher Spring decided to try on his Olympic bobsledding suit before the day of the competition otherwise he might not have known that the suit he was given was just a wee bit small.

Think fat-guy-in-a-little-coat small.

Spring posted a picture on Twitter of his self-proclaimed “#powerbelly” bulging from a rip down the center of the suit. Apparently, the suit wasn't ready for all his jelly.

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This is the first time Spring has competed for Canada in the Olympics, and how he got there was an interesting story. While travelling the world several years ago, Spring was on a one-year work visa in Canada. He watched the Canadian Bobsleigh Championships and immediately wanted to become part of the sport. He competed in Vancouver in 2010 before gaining Canadian citizenship and becoming the pilot of Canada's second-best two-man team.

Hopefully the Canadians can get him a replacement suit before the competition begins on Sunday.

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Graham Watson

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