Canada vs. USA women's Olympic hockey gold medal live blog

VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- After the Finns won the first medal awarded in the Vancouver Games for hockey, the U.S. and Canada play for the gold at 6:30 EST/3:30 PST at Hockey Place. More importantly, they continue one of the most long-running feuds in international hockey.

Since women's hockey became an Olympic sport in 1998, Canada has won two gold medals and the U.S. has taken home one. The U.S. has captured the last two World Championships. The Americans also have a chance to deny the Canadians a home-ice victory, as Canada did the U.S. in Salt Lake City back in 2002.

It's an interesting matchup, as Fourth Place Medal's Neate Sager pointed out:

Betting sites are giving Canada -1, so Team Canada has more incentive. The media have played up the age-vs.-youth angle: Team USA has 15 first-time Olympians, compared with Canada's 15 veterans. But Canada has a core of 30-somethings who might not be back in 2014. There's no doubt an imperative to make sure no one goes out with a silver medal, which is tantamount to failure.

We'll be offering live thoughts on this game throughout the day. Use the comments as an open thread, and check back here for news and views. By popular demand, we're moving the traditional live blog to a Cover It Live format; head back in the second period for the fun.