Cameron Hughes likes cheering more than the rest of us do

Sometimes when you're at a sporting event you just get so bored you want to leave so you can catch the end of "Important Things With Demetri Martin." Cameron Hughes won't let that happen.

Hughes, who has made a living going crazy at arenas, is in Vancouver riling up hockey fans from around the globe. On Monday, he stopped by the "Today" show to explain just how crazy he gets.

Cameron Hughes is not messing around. His cheering is serious business. He has attended more than 800 events since he got his start. And how he got his start is pretty awesome.

He just started dancing. No payment, no reasons – just having a good time. People took notice, and 14 years later, he's still dancing. Getting paid to go bananas at a sporting event seems like a pretty nice gig.

But it's not all fun and games, even though the job is literally fun and games. Hughes is a Canadian hockey fan, but since he's hired to cheer for all the countries, he can't specifically cheer for the home team. Something tells me he'll go a little crazier if Canada wins a medal, assuming that's even possible.

Judging by his highlight reel, I'm not sure I can even fathom that.


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