Buy stock in curling because it's huge on Wall Street

I think we can all admit that watching curling is pretty fun. You can enjoy it without knowing exactly what's going on, and you don't even have to always pay attention. And when the matches are close, it's really exciting. Plus there's always someone playing.

So it's really no surprise that curling has taken Wall Street by storm.

CNBC is always on on Wall Street, so when the closing bell rings, and curling comes on, it becomes the soothing background of the busy trading floor. "It is like drinking merlot," said one trader.

In typical Wall Street fashion, they've done what they can to make it a blood sport. When former curler and current chief executive of the Bank of New York Mellon, Robert P. Kelly, was asked what curling advice he gives to his employees, he responded:

"What's important," Mr. Kelly deadpanned. "To win — just like on Wall Street."

And hey, the wintergreen house markings are pretty relaxing in their own right.

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