Budweiser invents world’s largest goal light for Olympics: The Red Zeppelin

Night shot of Red Zeppelin, via Budweiser and


SOCHI – It’s one of the most cathartic sights for a hockey fan; or one of the most depressing ones, depending on which end of the score your team is on.

It’s the spinning red goal light, that red beacon that signals that the puck has crossed the line.

Budweiser Canada had a bold idea last year regarding the goal light: Putting one in the homes of hockey fans, syncing it to an app and having it light up whenever one’s favorite team scores.

For the month of February and the 2014 Sochi Olympics, Budweiser has taken the concept of “a goal light everyone can see” to another level. A much higher level, in fact.

Ladies and gentlemen … meet The Red Zeppelin.

It’s 70-feet long, two stories high, has a massive sound system for the goal horn and over 75,000 LED Lights – 1,050 feet of lights, or the length of 4,500 hockey pucks. It can go as high as 500 feet into the air. The internal area of the airship is 500 cubic feet – you could pour 1,346,491 pints of Budweiser into the Red Zeppelin.

And it looks just like a massive inflatable goal light.

Now, the brewery is careful not to tie this gimmick in officially with the Olympics or the NHL. They claim the light goes off when “the home team” scores. So when it’s in Ottawa on Feb. 8, it’ll light up when the Senators score against the Boston Bruins. When it’s in Toronto on Feb. 13 … well, would you look at that, Canada’s playing Norway that day in Sochi. And on Feb. 16, when it’s over Montreal, that’s Canada vs. Finland day.

The full flight pattern can be found here.

Here’s the ad that ran in Canada during the Super Bowl, announcing the Red Zepelin and the return of those goal lights.

Wow … and here we thought turning the CN Tower into a massive goal light was an outrageous idea. Budweiser done changed the game.