Breakout U.S. skater Jason Brown pays tribute to Prince in men's short program (Photo)

Figure skaters get to pick their own music for their performances, but most selections fall within the same general area. While many skaters depart from the standard-issue classical music choices — maybe with a personally composed tribute to a deceased mentor, a work from a disgraced sham composer, or from shoe designer Carlos Santana — truly outside-the-box choices are few and far between. U.S. figure skater Jason Brown is one such forward thinker.

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In Thursday's men's singles short program, the 19-year-old Brown put forth a tremendous effort for a career-best score to put him in sixth place and less than a point behind current third-place skater Javier Fernandez of Spain. Although Brown's medal contention is ostensibly the biggest figure skating story for Americans, he might have won new fans for another reason.

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That's right: Brown skates to Prince's "The Question of U," a track from the soundtrack to the 1990 film "Graffiti Bridge" (though it originally came from the 1985 "Parade" recording sessions). And if that's not enough, Brown also wears a purple blouse with the symbol from Prince's "The Artist Formerly Known As" days on the back.

In the midst of so many classical violins, the sound of Prince stands out. We all owe big thanks to Jason Brown, and I think it's safe to say we'll be rooting for him in the men's free skate. He performs to "Batdance," right?

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