Boxer doesn't know score and loses

One of the best aspects of Olympic boxing is the transparency of scoring. The score is shown just as it is in football or baseball, so an athlete knows where he stands. This is a great rule for safety reasons, and to hold judges accountable for their scoring. Athletes know when they need to charge full force and when they can let up and conserve energy. They can only do this if they know the correct score.

American boxer Rau'shee Warren thought he was leading in his bout against South Korean Lee Ok-sun. He was confused by the cacophony of his coaches, friends and fans, and he went into defensive mode, avoiding punches. Warren was actually behind a point and needed to land a few punches to secure a win. When the match ended, Warren celebrated and was shocked when his hand was not raised.

This loss is just one more illustration of the chaos at U.S.A. Boxing. A boxing match isn't a game of the Price is Right. Boxers should only listen to their corner, not to the crowd. Can you imagine if Tom Brady changed the play the Patriots were running because of what a fan yelled? After Gary Russell Jr. collapsed while trying to make weight, it came to light that boxing coach Dan Campbell is not respected by his athletes, as they don't agree with his training methods. Nonetheless, when it's gametime, differences need to be left at the door, and the boxer needs to listen to his coach.

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