‘Borat’ national anthem accidentally played for Kazakh athlete (video)

A gold-medal winning athlete from Kazakhstan was forced to stand through a national anthem that insulted other countries and boasted of her nation's "clean prostitutes" when organizers at a shooting competition accidentally played a fake anthem from the comedy film "Borat."

Gold medalist Maria Dmitrienko never lets on that there's a problem and graciously poses for photos with the other medalists following the ceremony.

Dmitrienko won the 75 target event at the 10th Arab Shooting Championship in Kuwait on Thursday. She stood on the podium with the event's other medal winners and expected to hear "My Kazakhstan." Instead, she was greeted with Sacha Baron Cohen's mock anthem from his 2006 film.

Organizers apparently downloaded the anthem from the Internet by mistake. The song was filled with references to potassium (Kazakhstan's top export), dirty swimming pools and insults of other countries and religions.

Dmitrienko's Kazakh teammates were reportedly incensed with the mistake. They demanded another ceremony and an apology from organizers.

Cohen's film was banned in both Kazakhstan and Kuwait for its negative portrayal of the Asian country.

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