Bode Miller's wife hides face after his disappointing run

Bode Miller wasn't the only one feeling the disappointment after he failed to place in Sunday's Alpine skiing Olympic finals. Morgan Beck, Miller’s wife of less than two years, was seen in the stands saying “Oh, my god” and hiding her head under her hood after Miller finished.

Miller, who tends to be publicly nonchalant about his failures, was visibly disappointed after the run, holding his body over his poles Sunday.

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Beck, 26, is a beach volleyball player who plays for AVP Pro, USA volleyball and AVP Young Guns.

According to USA Today, Beck reportedly denied Miller’s many requests for a date before she finally gave in to the 36-year-old. Finally after one of her tournaments where Miller was in attendance, the skier told Beck, "I don't want to freak you out, but we're soul mates.” Within a month and a half of meeting, Miller had bought an engagement ring for her.

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Miller, who was expected to win gold in Sunday's finals, told reporters of his eighth-place finish: "It's disappointing to not have a better result next to my name. It's one of those days where it's hard to say where the time went. I skied really well. I was aggressive. I took a lot of risk. I made a couple small mistakes but not anything that would cost you a lot of time, and it's tough to just be missing it."

Miller is a five-time Olympic medalist from New Hampshire and, despite the disappointing race, is considered one of the most successful male American Alpine ski racers in the history of the sport. This is likely Miller's last Olympic Games.

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