‘She bit me’: Greek competitor alleges biting in judo loss to Cuban opponent

Turns out some rules from childhood brawling apply in the Olympics, too: no biting.

On Monday, Greece's Ioulietta Boukouvala lost her opening-round 57-kg match to Cuba's Yurileidys Cobas, and Boukouvala charges that in the heat of battle, Cobas bit her on the hand. Greek sports websites quoted Boukouvala, 28, as saying that officials should have taken action.

"Responsible for judging are the officials and the technical team of the Games," she said. "They must decide if she should have been penalized or disqualified from the match because she bit me."

Boukouvala's loss is a stinging one for the Greek delegation, which had pinned medal-winning hopes on her. She won a gold medal in a World Grand Prix event earlier this year, and was expected to bring home hardware from London as well.

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"I feel that injustice was done, that I was robbed," she said. "What can I say, I could be wrong. God will be my judge."

Boukouvala reportedly showed journalists at the games the hand that was bitten, but as yet no photos have surfaced. And even if they did, absent a dental match it would be tough to prove Cobas actually did the biting.

The history of significant bites in sports is a rather short one, so this could make the list. A couple other notables:

• Most famously, Mike Tyson bit off a chunk of Evander Holyfield's right ear during their heavyweight fight in 1997. Tyson's rep wouldn't recover until his "Hangover" cameo more than a decade later.

• Atlanta Hawks center Tree Rollins once bit the finger of Boston Celtics guard Danny Ainge during a playoff game. Ainge required a tetanus shot and stitches.

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• In 2009, the Ottawa Senators' Jarrko Ruutu bit the thumb of the Buffalo Sabres' Andrew Peters, an event captured forever on YouTube.

Sadly for Boukouvala, this marked her only event in the Games.

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