Bird's Nest to anchor shopping mall, should be a tourist's dream

AP is reporting that the area around the Bird's Nest, this past summer's Olympic stadium, will be developed into a shopping and entertainment center. The Chinese feel the need to revitalize the area, because, despite the Olympics having ended just months ago, paint is peeling in some areas of the stadium and few visitors stop by. There is no permanent tenant, and few events are scheduled for the venue that was the jewel of the Summer Games.

The Chinese have proven themselves to be marketing geniuses, particularly in conjunction with the Beijing Olympics. Couldn't they have come up with more ways to create revenue? For example ...

Rent out the Bird's Nest for parties. You mean to tell me that the father of a spoiled 16-year-old, or a bridezilla, wouldn't fork over some serious yuan to rent the Bird's Nest for the best wedding/sweet 16/quincenera ?

Let tourists recreate the Opening Ceremony experience. Bring out the drums, LED screens, paint pad, the whole nine yards, and let everyone who visits relive the breathtaking Opening Ceremony -- for a reasonable fee. For an extra charge, people could be hoisted through the air and flown around the stadium, just as Li Ning was when he lit the Olympic cauldron.

Give it to Yao Ming. He needs a pretty big place to fit his bed.

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