'The Biggest Loser' contestant Gardner pushes mega burger

Rulon Gardner, an Olympic gold and bronze medalist in Greco-Roman wrestling, is currently starring on NBC's reality show "The Biggest Loser," trying to take off 200-plus pounds that he put on since wrestling competitively. So far, he is one of the best competitors on the show, having lost 59 pounds through a combination of brutal workouts and a change in diet.

Unfortunately, the lessons about healthy eating that he is learning on the show don't apply to his restaurant. Rulon's Burger Bar in Wyoming serves a whopping 1.5-pound burger that comes with a challenge. If you finish the entire burger -- a sandwich so large that it is served in a pizza tin -- a basket of fries and a 44-ounce soda pop, you get a T-shirt and your name on the wall.

One man who "won" the challenge showed determination in finishing his meal.

"Failure's not an option in my mind when it comes to things like this," [Jeff] Hunsaker said. "I was going to make it. If I had to throw up, so be it, I was going to get it down."

Come on, Rulon. You expect us to believe your commitment to being healthy when you're pushing a meal that pushes eaters to ponder vomiting?

One of the reasons that "The Biggest Loser" has been on for 11 seasons is that viewers are inspired by the wholesale change contestants experience as they make the choices to get healthy. If Rulon wants to embrace the lifestyle that is helping him lose weight as well as make a statement against the obesity epidemic in the U.S., he'll remove that burger and challenge from the menu of the restaurant that bears his name.

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