Big error in Olympic tattoo

It's not every day that you get to run around carrying the Olympic torch in a foreign country. That's why when Atlanta resident Jerri Peterson, 54, was selected to participate in the 2012 Olympic Torch Relay for her years of charity fundraising, she decided to commemorate the event with some permanent ink.

Unfortunately for Peterson, the tattoo artist she went to didn't run his artwork through spell-check before busting out the ink gun.

From the BBC:

Jerri Peterson, from Atlanta in the U.S., carried the torch through Derby on 30 June after being nominated by the hotel chain she worked for. Before coming to England, she decided to spend money on a tattoo to mark the occasion. Only later did the 54-year-old realize it featured the misspelling "Oylmpic".

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Peterson didn't even notice the spelling error until she sent a photo of her new tattoo to a friend who pointed out the blunder. "I looked at it, and I was so disappointed. I called my husband, and he giggled a little bit. Then I started laughing about it, and I've laughed ever since," she told the BBC.

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