The best commercials of the Vancouver Olympics

With 835 hours of Olympic broadcasts there's bound to be some commercials. And by "some," we mean "a lot." It makes sense. When you're losing a ton of money to show the Games, you've got to make some of it back.

But it's not so bad. Some of the commercials are pretty good. For instance, my favorite, from Wonder Bread.

Kids curling? Sold. I will buy your fortified bread.

More great commercials after the jump.

If cute's not your thing, perhaps you'd be more interested in Visa's Dan Jansen ad, which still makes the hair on my neck stand up, even after seeing it a thousand times.

All of Visa's commercials were pretty good this year. The Julia Mancuso spot is fun, and the Jamaican bobsled team ad is about as inspiring as can be for 30 seconds.

We can't forget to mention the BBC's spectacular promo for the Vancouver Olympics. It makes every sport seem like a battle between good and evil, in a good way.

With so many commercial spots to fill, there's bound to be some duds. But outside of Geico's package of grating ads that ran incessantly, this was a pretty good batch for the Olympics. If you've got some favorites that we didn't mention, throw 'em in the comments.

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