Beijing headline battle -- freestyle word play division

In the days leading up to 08/08/08, we witnessed a highly competitive headline battle between global publications covering the problems plaguing their media brethren. Today we turn our attention to the freestyle word play division, with three headlines from three very different outlets. For the record, these competitions will not be televised on the NBC family of networks.

We start with our online parents, Yahoo! Sports.

In response to Michael Phelps' bold achievements and USA's performance in the 800m freestyle relay, we get a correlation to the likes of Axel Rose and Rick Allen (Def Leppard drummer, as if you didn't know). I can dig it, and I'm willing to bet Phelps has music from the genre on his Ipod, so that's a bonus. Thumbs up and bronze headliner for sure.

Next we move on to an AP story that surfaced last week regarding President Bush's visit to Beijing.

See, the javelin throw is a renown summer Olympic activity and President Bush doesn't approve of governmental oppression. A pretty simple formula that results in another solid pun that's safe for the whole family.

Two medal-worthy headlines down and one from the Chicago Tribune to go. On this specific example, the Tribune relays the information that soccer clubs would have the power to withhold their players from Olympic Games, much to the chagrin of FIFA president Sepp Blatter.

It's definitely an example of word play, but the judges don't approve of its crass nature. The Tribune is automatically disqualified. Thankfully, our esteemed FIFA president hasn't been "overactive" with voicing his concerns (boo-yah).

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