Beds in the Olympic village are only 68 inches long

Athletes at the Olympic Village may not want to bank on getting a good night's sleep. Beds in the apartments at the temporary Olympic residences measure 5-feet, 8-inches, a length that's far shorter than the average size of male athletes.

Only 22 of the 261 American men going to the Olympics would fit in the regular bed. Michael Phelps -- 6-4 -- and Ryan Lochte -- 6-2 -- aren't close, for example. It's no wonder USA Basketball and other big stars shun the Olympic Village for the rough living of five-star hotels.

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Some of America's female athletes won't fit either (and not just the basketball players). A vast majority of the U.S. women's swim and rowing teams, for instance, are taller than 5-foot-8.

What did they do, keep these beds around from the 1908 Olympics? Kindergartners sleep in bigger beds! An American twin measures 75 inches, seven inches longer than the Olympic ones.

The beds can be extended, as the woman in the picture above is demonstrating, but that sounds like a logistical disaster waiting to happen, not to mention completely uncomfortable.

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