Be careful where you place your luggage in Sochi

Hello, American media! Guess what? Russia's had quite enough of your griping and complaining, and now it's fighting back with the most vicious weapon of all: unnecessary charges on your hotel bill.

The above message is courtesy of Canadian journalist Bruce Arthur. In both Russian and English, it reads,

Dear guest! Please do not put your personal belongings on the second bed. Otherwise we will have to give you a bill for the use of the second bed and Bedding. Signed, Hotel Administration.

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Goodness. That seems a little excessive. But then we're the kind of people who'll drink a couple $15 beers out of the minibar and then try to replace them with cheapies from the local minimart. On a larger scale, though, Arthur notes that this is simply a small, unnecessary bump in the road:

"Again: I’m not complaining, really. I’m not whining, whatsoever. I’m laughing, just like almost all of us have laughed from the start at the little absurdities, which are not products of the Russian people but its system, its strangeness, its differences. Differences are always a wonderful or confounding or fascinating part of any Olympics, and part of what makes it so great to cover. Again: We are starting to really like parts of you, Sochi. Thank your people for that."

So there you go. Great people, ridiculous system. We're not so different after all.

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