Photos: Austrian slalom skier Kathrin Zettel crashes into gate, but continues her run

The giant slalom course in Sochi has proven to be a challenge for this year’s field of competitors. Just ask Kathrin Zettel of Austria.

As Zettel was racing down the course, she momentarily lost balance and struck a gate on a sharp turn. Part of the gate actually stuck to her, obscuring her vision while she continued her run. 

[Watch it here: Kathrin Zettel skis with a gate panel stuck to her]

Luckily for Zettel, one way or another, the part of the gate moved down from her line of sight. But it still stayed attached to her body as she tried to make up the precious tenths of seconds lost from the prior mistake. 

Unfortunately for Zettel, her first run resulted in a 25th place finish with a time of 1:21.60. Her second run was an improvement, though, as she finished in 19th place with a time of 1:18.73.

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