Australia sets 1st world record at London Games: ‘Most People Wearing Full Team Kit’ (VIDEO)

Greg Wyshynski
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LONDON — Records are expected to fall as the 2012 Summer Olympics commence in London. One already has, although not at an official venue.

Appropriately, it was at a pub, where 935 Australian ex-pats and supporters — of varying degrees of sobriety — challenged an obscure Guinness World Record.

The Windmill Pub was transformed into a raucous down-under party full of booze and occasional nudity, all in the name of history: The revelers smashed the Guinness World Record for "Most People Wearing the Same Full Team Kit," wearing the green and gold of the Aussie Olympic Team.

That broke the previous record of 537 fans, set by Poland fans in volleyball gear in 2007, according to NZ Newswire:

They were lured by the prospect of a free yellow T-shirt and dark shorts, a sausage and a soft drink. But with the pre-staging held inside the pub, local beer was flowing freely.

Guinness World Book of Records adjudicator Jack Brockbank conceded quietly that the biggest battle would be keeping the crowd stationary for the requisite 10 minutes.

The attempt, held late at night London time to make the morning television shows Down Under, took almost an hour to set up, with the crowd herded into a "G'day" shape.

Here's what the stunt looked and sounded like:

And ...

More video, including a streaker being chased by police authorities, can be found at the Herald Sun. Commonwealth Bank, Australia's largest bank, organized and outfitted the Aussie fans for the record-breaking attempt.

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