Armani’s Italian Olympic uniforms include words to country’s national anthem (PHOTOS

The Giorgio Armani-designed uniforms that Italian athletes will wear at the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics are emblazoned with the words to the country's national anthem.

Armani included the full lyrics to "Il Canto degli Italiani" on the inside of the opening ceremony jacket and an official team sweatshirt. The team's polo shirts have the opening lines stitched on the inside collar. Armani's minimalist design mostly shuns the colors of the Italian flag. Only the polo shirt incorporates the usual reds and greens associated with Italy.

The 77-year-old is known as a big sports fan who particularly enjoys tennis and soccer. He included the national anthem because "sport is the most patriotic thing that there is and it inspires national pride."

Athletes will receive an Armani suitcase filled with 50 pieces of the dark blue and white line.

Italy is the latest country to reveal Olympic kits designed by fashion icons. Great Britain will wear Stella McCartney clothing. The United States had uniforms designed by Ralph Lauren. So far, the fashion podium is just like you'd think. McCartney, bronze; Lauren silver; Armani, gold.

Who says you have to wrap athletes in the color of their respective flag? I dig it and I'm sure I'm not the only one. In gyms across New Jersey, cologned clubgoers are surely making mental notes to call their local Armani Exchange to see if it will carry Team Italy's line.