Aren't the Olympics supposed to be fun?

I guess the Chinese security forces missed the memo.

Security is tight right now in Beijing, as it should be. But, after reading Mark Magnier's article in the LA Times today, I think the Chinese have gone over the edge ...

"Fearful of political protests or terrorist attacks, Beijing feels increasingly battened down as the Aug. 8 opening ceremony approaches, leading some wags to predict a "fun-free" or "killjoy" Games. Many of the best things about Beijing, the little corners, the characters, the outdoor cafe tables, are being nibbled away by omnipresent police and neighborhood snoops in security overdrive."

Other interesting notes from the story ...

---If a fan brings a sign to an event and attempts to unfurl it, that person could face up to 15 days in jail, and a $70 fine.

---There will be no outdoor music festivals during the Games

---Bars around Beijing will be closing at 2 AM every night

---Bands must have their lyrics reviewed before they perform

"They seem so paranoid," said Ann Murphy, a law professor at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Wash. "I think they're so afraid of shadows, they're missing the whole point."

Look, I realize that a lot security measures have to be put in place, but this is too much. The Chinese need to take a deep breath and accept the fact that it's ok to have a little fun once in a while.

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