Another Spanish team discovered making eye-slant gesture

A picture recently discovered on the website of the Spanish Tennis Federation shows the nation's Federation Cup team making an eye-slant gesture, according to a report in London's Telegraph. The shot was apparently snapped in February, prior to Spain's Federation Cup match with China.

It's the second such picture of a Spanish sports team to emerge in the past week. Spain's basketball team made a similar gesture in an advertisement for a courier company that was published prior to the Olympics in the newspaper La Marca.

If you didn't read Adrian Wojnarowski's column on the picture controversy yesterday, I highly recommend it. In the piece, Jason Kidd makes a salient point when he asks what the reaction would have been if an American team had been photographed mocking an entire nation. He says there is a double-standard that exists with Americans and, by extension, their teams. He's exactly right. However, Kidd and his teammates would never be ignorant enough to put themselves in this situation.

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