Americans really miss CBC covering the Olympics

On the day of the big Canada-U.S. hockey showdown (curling too), it seems apropos to point out a lot of Americans wish they could watch it on a Canadian network.

The New York Times' report ought to ramp up the cross-border chirping (just kidding, but not really):

The loss of the CBC seems to be providing a boost to NBC affiliates along the border. There is no way to determine how many Americans watch Canadian programming, as ratings are determined only within the country.

Ratings for NBC affiliates in Seattle, Detroit and Buffalo have risen in the first week of the Vancouver Games. Detroit’s affiliate, WDIV, had a 55 percent rating increase for the first few days of coverage over the same period of the 2006 Turin Games. ...

Buffalo’s NBC affiliate had a 10 percent increase in its ratings over 2006. And perhaps not so coincidentally, Buffalo is also one of the few places in the United States where CTV is available on cable systems.

Sharon Lindstedt, a resident of Buffalo, has been watching CTV’s Olympic coverage.

"It's better than NBC, but it’s not as good as the CBC," Lindstedt, 53, said. "I’m trying to like the CTV."

Trying to like the CTV is probably how many Canadians feel. The CTV-Rogers consortium is often bombastic and ESPN-y, but CBC's coverage had grown bland and stale, partly because it lacked the budget. If that's blapshemy in Canada, so be it. The ratings don't lie.

Still, it's amusing that Americans want the CBC coverage, while Canadians are abiding CTV.

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