America's silver podium jackets have a special surprise inside

If you’ve watched any of the medal ceremonies during the Sochi Winter Olympics, you’ve noticed that the U.S. medal winners are wearing silver Nike jackets.

But these aren’t just any jackets. These are jackets Nike made especially for medal winners, and they have a very special surprise inside.

When an American medal winner is given this stylish and coveted coat, they are greeted with the words “This is Your Moment.” Not that the wearer needed a reminder about how big the moment is, but this is a pretty cool memento.

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The jacket has some other cool features. The “USA” on the back changes colors from red to blue depending on how the light catches it.

Also, the words “Land of the Free” are sewn into one of the pockets.

This isn’t the first time medal winners have been given special jackets for their accomplishments. American medal winners wore gray jackets on the podium during the Summer Olympics in London.

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It’s a great way to let everyone at the venue know that you are one of the best athletes there.

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