Amazing pictures from the Olympic Torch Relay

As the Opening Ceremony moves closer and closer, we near the end of the Olympic Torch Relay. For the past 106 days, the torch has been moving slowly but surely across Canada, traveling more than 16,000 miles. Along the way there have been a myriad of amazing moments, such as people swimming with the torch, taking it down a halfpipe, or eventually letting Arnold Schwarzenegger hold it. The Big Picture has captured those moments in a number of amazing pictures.

Just a couple of bros touching flames in front of the world's biggest dinosaur that happens to be wearing Olympic mittens. Typical relay stuff.

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Seems like having the Olympic flame near that much water is dangerous. Worked out pretty well for Jim and Pam though.

Making the atmosphere ripple is one of my favorite of the various weird things that fire can do. This picture captures that phenomenon quite amazingly.

Forever and for always Shania Twain will remember carrying the Olympic torch. It clearly impresses her much. From this moment on she will be able to say she was the most excited Olympic torch carrier of all time. Man! She feels like a woman carrying the torch. That's enough.

This, I think, is the best picture of the bunch. I know it's just a couple of torches and some fire, but somehow it looks jubilant and exhilarating, and that's the essence of the Olympics. Incredible picture.

Check out the entire outstanding collection.

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