Alex Ovechkin reveals his Russia-themed skates for Olympic hockey (Photo)

Ovechkin skates new

SOCHI, Russia – Alex Ovechkin is about to embark on the two most important weeks of his hockey life, attempting to bring a gold medal home to Russia at the Winter Olympics held on Sochi ice.

It’s a moment of patriotic pride … so obviously he wants to look the part.

Ovechkin tweeted his new Bauer skates for the Sochi Olympic men’s hockey tournament, featuring the Russian flag on the sides.

But what’s under the skate protectors?

That’s what we want to know. Because if you’ll recall his skates from the 2010 Vancouver Games, they were rather … elaborate:

That demonic sheep was a reference to Ovechkin’s name in Russian, which translated into “little sheep.”

Alas, as he struggled in Vancouver, he decided to ditch those skates and opt for his old gear. Will history repeat?