500 days out, Sochi unveils slogan of ‘Hot.Cool.Yours’

Though it seems like the London Olympics just ended, the next city to host an Olympics celebrated a milestone on the way to the Games. Sochi held events all over Russia to mark the day and unveiled the 2014 Winter Olympics slogan. London had the motto of, "Inspire a Generation," a moving sentiment that fit the Olympics perfectly. What did Sochi come up with?


For real. What is it supposed to mean? Tell us, press release.

The slogan consists of two parts — dynamic (changeable) and constant. It is intended to reflect the national character of Russia and the values of the Sochi 2014 brand, as well as the progressive and innovative approach to the organization and staging of the Games.

Dmitry Chernyshenko, head of the Sochi Organizing Committee, is on board:

"The slogan of the Winter Games in Sochi, in my opinion, very successfully captures the diversity of Russia's national character, and the very personal nature of this Games. The Sochi 2014 slogan demonstrates that it is impossible not to participate, watch, experience and be proud because this is Your Games."

OK. However, the lack of spaces between periods is really, really annoying. Every English teacher in the country shook their head at such poor punctuation and syntax. Also, doesn't it remind you of something?

Hot stays hot! Cool stays cool! And yes, that's "Seinfeld" star Jason Alexander singing about a McDonald's hamburger. McDonald's is a high-profile Olympic sponsor, so perhaps they wanted to recycle an old slogan.

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