Teens shooting out car windows with BB guns wind up calling 911 on themselves after victim scares them

Will Lerner
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment
Odd News

This week, five teenagers decided to drive around some Santa Fe, New Mexico neighborhoods and shoot random cars with BB guns. It would appear that they wound up shooting the wrong person’s car, though. A victim decided to chase after the teens, scaring them so much that the teens felt the need to call 911 for help. As KOAT reports, police came right away and…arrested the teens.

The Santa Fe Police Department had been receiving calls - complaints about vandals shooting at cars, so when they heard from the teenagers, they were already aware of the crimes they had committed. When one victim did not want them to get away, he gave chase. One of the teens, in the 911 call, told a dispatcher, “Every time we speed up, that car speeds up and tries to keep up with us.” When police arrived, the teens admitted what they had done and were subsequently arrested.

KOAT notes, “In addition to property damage, they also face drug paraphernalia charges because police found marijuana pipes in the car.”

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