City wipes out majestic garland bushes just because they explicitly spelled out a part of the male anatomy

·Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

The city of Windsor in Canada has been dealing with a prankster over the last couple months. Back in October, the anonymous joker turned shrubsinto…phallic…shapes, i.e. penises. Because the internet is what it is, this turned into an international story fairly quickly.

Well, it would appear that the “phallic sculptor,” as the CBC puts it, is back again. Maybe because his previous works were too abstract, he literally spelled out the word, “penis,” with trimmed garland near the Windsor Sculpture Garden in the Ontario city.

There it is. John Miceli, Director of Parks and Facilities for Windsor told the CBC that his department removed the word the same day they learned of its existence, “It’s language we really don’t want to see out on the riverfront.” Miceli is hoping the quick response will help stop this from happening again, “We just want to deter people from doing that kind of stuff, so the quickest way to deter people from doing it is removing it immediately.”

John did take time, however, to compliment Odd News’ artist-of-the-month. Mr. Miceli said, “I saw the letters and the letters were done very, very good.” He also said the prankster was talented. So, though he had to remove it, Mr. Miceli did admire the artist’s “penis.”

Ultimately, despite his kind words for the vandal, Mr. Miceli voiced his disappointment that someone with that amount of time and skill wouldn’t try to do something more beneficial for Windsor, “Why people want to do that and don’t use their energies on beautifying the city in other ways, I can’t explain that.”

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