Zdeno Chara shatters own Hardest Shot record with 108.8 mph blast (Video)

OTTAWA -- Another Hardest Shot competition, another broken record for Boston Bruins defenseman Zdeno Chara.

Chara broke his own mark, set last year in Raleigh, by slapping home an attempt recorded at 108.8 mph and helping him win his fifth consecutive Hardest Shot competition.

Big Z's final tally? 106.2 mph, 108.8 mph, 106.9 mph, 107 mph.

Pretty, pretty good.

Chara spent four seasons playing in front of the Scotiabank Place crowd and after his record-breaking attempt they gave the former Ottawa Senator a standing ovation, something the Bruins' captain was appreciative of.

"I played hard and tried my best over the five season I played here," Chara said. "I'm just glad the fans recognized that. It's a nice gesture by them."

It should be noted that Chara's only worthy competitor the past few years, Shea Weber of the Nashville Predators, bested last year's winning mark with a 106 mph attempt of his own.

Jason Spezza (100.5 mph) and Daniel Alfredsson (101.3 mph) were the only other players to record an attempt over 100 mph, putting a little heat on Chara as it came for his time to shoot.

"It's always hard," said Chara. "The guys shoot the puck harder and harder. It's hard to win."

You'll remember that Alexander Ryazantsev of Traktor Chelyabinsk set a "world record" last weekend during the KHL's Skill Competition with a 114.127 mph (183.67 km/h) blast. Of course, in the KHL, their Hardest Shot competition takes place a bit closer to the net.

The scary thing is that Chara's shots are only getting faster. Since his first victory in 2007, his last five winning attempts have been 100.4 mpg, 103.1 mph, 105.4 mph, 105.9 mph & 108.8 mph.

At this pace, Chara will be ready to threaten Ryazantsev's "world record" next year. The nets in Columbus are already worried.

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