Zdeno Chara beheads goalie with slapshot in ‘banned’ commercial (Video)

Last week, Warrior debuted an ad for their new Dynasty hockey stick, starring Zdeno Chara. In the ad, Chara, using the slick new piece of lumber, blasts a snapshot at a goalie so hard that it causes an atomic explosion. Presumably, the goalie perishes in the blast.

It made for a pretty aggressive commercial, but as it turns out, that was the censored version. In this version of the ad, which Warrior claims was banned by the NHL, not only does Chara's snapshot produce an explosion -- IT SLICES THE GOALIE'S HEAD CLEAN OFF HIS BODY.

More NHL commercials need to utilize grind house aesthetics. Note that the time on the clock is 6:66. This is thing is a gun-legged Rose McGowan away from being an obvious Robert Rodriguez joint.

Let this be a lesson to goalies everywhere: Zdeno Chara will end you, and then ruthlessly celebrate your demise.

Jimmy Howard knows it, too. "That mother****** is crazy," he says. A fine performance, and kudos to him for going along with an ad that holds up a divisional rival as a goalie murderer.

Finally, I love the schink sound the puck makes as it cuts clean through the goalie's brain stem like a samurai sword, although Canadiens fans probably don't. One imagines they see this commercial as more evidence that Chara really is a headhunter.