Youppi's walk of shame in Ranger blue is the saddest thing ever (Video)

Harrison Mooney
Youppi gets a much-needed hug.

Montreal Canadiens' mascot Youppi took to the streets of Montreal on Sunday and, as per the terms of his bet with Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon, he did so in a Rangers jersey. The photos of his turn in Ranger blue -- which we compiled here, and they must be seen -- attest to his dismay. Especially the one on the carousel.

But if that didn't sell Youppi's sheer, abject horror at having to live up to this bet, on Monday, the Canadiens released a video of his walk of shame, set to the famously miserable score from A Charlie Brown Christmas:

First thought: How did A Charlie Brown Christmas ever make it to air? It is absurdly, staggeringly depressing. It makes Christmas seem like a fresh Hell.

Second thought: I was concerned, for a moment there, that Youppi was going to throw himself off that ledge at the 1:36 mark. The man -- is he a man? Actually, what is Youppi? -- is in dire straits.

The Canadiens did a great job with this. And so did Youppi, who showed character by living up to his side of a bet that was never even remotely close to fair. (All Fallon would have had to do, if the Habs had won, was one monologue in a Canadiens jersey. That's ridiculous. Anyone who's watched Fallon knows that he doesn't really care all that much about the monologue. He just wants to lip-sync with celebrities.)

Furthermore, props to Youppi for not breaking character even once during this shoot. We all know Fallon wouldn't have been able to manage that.