The New York Rangers beat Florida Tech in a shootout, apparently (PHOTO)

(Screen cap from Adam Meyer.)

The New York Rangers closed out 2013 with a win, knocking off the Florida Panthers 2-1 in a shootout.

Again, that's the Florida Panthers. From the NHL. I'm repeating myself here in case it doesn't seem clear -- like, say, if you were one of NBC Miami's viewers this New Year's Eve. As the graphic above illustrates, their late-night newscast seemed to think that the New York Rangers beat a team from Florida Tech.

So close!

You can see how there might be some confusion. For one thing, both teams are, technically, called the Florida Panthers, and there are times when the Florida Panthers don't really look like an NHL team. But here's a handy way to tell them apart: the Florida Panthers have Brian Campbell and Tim Thomas. The Florida Tech Panthers have Tech in their name, because they're an institute of technology, and they don't have an ice hockey team.

(Update: apparently they do, but it's not listed on their main website, so they must not be very proud of it?)

The logo you see above is pretty new, actually. It was unveiled three years ago, as part of a rebrand. “We decided that Pete [the Panther] needed a facelift," said Florida Tech President Anthony J. Catanese after the logo's debut back in 2010 during a women's soccer game, "and now is the perfect time as we usher in a new era of Florida Tech Athletics.”

That new era, it would appear, includes a jump from no hockey team whatsoever straight into the NHL. Congratulations on taking some serious strides in the last three years, Florida Tech.

s/t to Peter Kirschenbaum.

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