Yep, there’s a Milan Lucic bar fight T-shirt (Photo)

Puck Daddy

Milan Lucic of the Boston Bruins had the ignominious honor of partaking in an altercation outside of a Vancouver club recently, claiming he was assaulted by a local and having the whole thing filmed on a cell phone.

At one point when Lucic was going off, the cameraman on this TMZ-style clip bellowed “MILAN LUCIC IS BEYOND GOOD RIGHT NOW!”, leading us to predict that it would eventually become a T-shirt. And yeah, that took less than 24 hours:

The Milan Lucic Is Beyond Good Right Now shirt is available from Trending T-Shirts for $16.99, and comes in the Bruins’ iconic colors.

“Show your support for Bruins power forward Milan Lucic, who is beyond good…on or off the ice” reads the tag line. It’s also a great item to wear if you want to punch him repeatedly in a bar hoping he’ll respond so you can sue him.

(Completely ignoring the fact that a Lucic punch will launch you into a neighboring skyscraper like Superman punching Darkseid.)

s/t Matt Foy

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