Yahoo! Fantasy Hockey: What’s new for 2011-12

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There have been some innovations to Yahoo! Fantasy Hockey for the 2011-12 season -- including something that's going to make trade deadline much more interesting.

Franchises Invitations - The toughest part of running any kind of keeper league is retaining owners from year to year. This season, if an owner bails on your league, you'll be able to invite a new manager to take over that team and run it as their own.

Lock Teams - Problem owners can be punished by league commissioners by being forbidden to make transactions or post on the message board. Or, as some leagues do, once you're in the playoffs you can restrict non-playoff teams from making add/drops that might affect the teams currently in your league's playoff. This option can be set by commissioners in-season or setup from the start when you create your league.

Draft Pick Trades - Adding more intrigue to your keeper league this season is the ability to trade draft picks for the following season. That is sure to spice up your league's trade deadline. This option is not available in auction leagues.

Draft Resets - Commissioners can now reset a draft in order to add or remove a roster position, or accommodate a manager that's missed the draft.

Updated League Message Boards - Topics are now threaded and messages can no include clickable links and embedded images so you can send your buddies the Twitpic of you holding last season's championship trophy.

Co-Commissioners - Commissioners can now assign other manager as co-commissioner to help manage their league.

Configurable Draft Pick Times - Always a big issue in any live draft is the one person who takes their sweet time making a selection. Now, commissioners have the ability to set the length of time owners have to make their picks. Players will have between 15 seconds and two minutes to make their picks.

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