Is this the worst hockey referee blunder of 2013? (VIDEO)

The next time you’re spitting-beer angry over a call in an NHL game, repeat to yourself that it could be worse. You could be HC Vrchlabi goalie Zdenek Biegl in a Czech4 league game on Sunday, who had a penalty shot scored against him that never actually entered the net.

Watch the “goal” and then watch the replay, very carefully.

James Luštinec of HC Trutnov, he of the No. 69 jersey (it’s hilarious!), snapped a shot glove side that beat Biegl. Only the puck didn’t find the back of the net – it found the post to Biegl’s left.

The referee standing near the cage called it a good goal, knotting the game at 3-3; none of the other officials overturned it. Incredible. The crowd was amped; maybe they didn’t hear a clang?

The Hockey Gods didn’t allow this travesty to stand, as HC Vrchlabi won the game, 6-4, and took the playoff series from HC Trutnov.

With that, we sit and wonder how Tuukka Rask would have reacted to this miscarriage of justice …