Worst hockey fight of 2013? Swiss players have gloved comedy bout (Video)

“Dropping the gloves” is such a critical part of a hockey fight that the term is synonymous for a fight itself.

So what happens when neither combatant slips his mitts? This odd bit of whimsy from the Swiss Eishockey League, as Alain Berger of SC Bern and Sebastien Schilt of Gottéron have a goofy gloves-on match before some unsheathed fists fly at the end.

The blame here falls on Alain Berger, who played 47 games with the Hamilton Bulldogs on 2011-12. Schilt, without a helmet, asked Berger, wearing a helmet with a visor, to drop his gloves during the fight. Berger responded by almost skating away and then bouncing around on his skates like Floyd Mayweather, apparently having seen enough of this Schilt.

His opponent finally dropped his gloves and attacked Berger near the end of the “fight,” before Berger fell to the ice in a protected heap.

We’ll give the fight a ‘10’ for trolling, and a ‘zilch’ for actual fighting.

Here’s an exclusive image of their next fight.