Worst dive in hockey history? Watch Michael Lindqvist go flying (Video)

Fun fact: Sweden hasn’t won an Olympic men’s diving medal since the 1920 Antwerp Games. Perhaps they should give Michael Lindqvist a call.

Lindqvist plays for AIK of the Swedish Tier II League. On Wednesday, he was driving to the net in a game against Tingsryds AIF when defenseman Robin Olsson put a stick into his midsection to slow his approach.

And then Lindqvist … well, we don’t want to say he launched himself, but he was briefly tracked by Swedish air traffic control.

The 21-year-old forward flew through the crease and landed on his side, causing many in the crowd to rise up out of their seats, baffled how the laws of gravity ceased to apply to him for a brief moment.

Here's a longer look:

Now, the proper response to this from the officials would have been to point and laugh. But this being hockey, Olsson was given a penalty for holding while Lindqvist was given a well-earned penalty for diving.

There might not be topping this one folks, short of a player’s teammates hoisting him in the air with a system of pulleys like Allison Williams in PETER PAN LIVE.

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