Witness PK Subban spitting incident so heinous that no one knew it happened (Video)

After Max Pacioretty scored the second goal in the Montreal Canadiens' 4-1 victory over the New York Rangers, viewers watching the NBC Sports Network feed witnessed the most controversial several-fractions-of-a-second in the NHL on Sunday night.

From SNY Rangers Blog: "WATCH: PK Subban SPITS At Michael Del Zotto." (The 25-second mark.)

So terrible, so deplorable was this act that … the Rangers had no idea it happened, and specifically Michael Del Zotto had no idea it happened, according to Pat Leonard of the NY Daily News.

The alleged spitter, PK Subban? Clueless, too. According to Brian Wilde of CTV:

"Just asked PK Subban about video. Unaware of incident time or location. Surprised to be asked about it. Not just unintentional, but unaware."

So, in summary: Derek Dorsett accused Alex Ovechkin of spitting in his face recently, and Ovechkin denied it. People on Twitter, via Deadspin, accused Sean Avery of spitting on his AHL coach, and everyone involved denied it (including Avery, as "gentlemen don't spit"). And now, NBC viewers/Rangers fans have accused PK Subban of spitting at (or around) Michael Del Zotto, and no one is denying it, exactly, because no one seems to be aware it happened without the benefit of YouTube.

Sounds like the NHL might need to add a new event to the skills competition …